Usable for a life time No harm to your own eyelashes

Do you still worry that continuous use of eyelash extensions may hurt your own eyelashes?GLAMOROUS, a top-priority technical idea for nourishing eyelashes Based on data of 20,000 examples, the high-quality technology is designed to nourish eyelashes and realize a long-lasting effect that other similar products cannot achieve.

Based on the health status and different curls of eyelashes, selecting appropriate thickness, length and curl for every eyelash and offering the best solution.

Differences may exist in respect of the symmetry of left half and right half of face, the double-fold eyelid differences of the left and right eyes, eye fat mass and sophisticated complexions etc.

We will make face coordinating design based on different characteristics of bones and balance status of every ustomer.

Only by selecting appropriate eyelash extensions combined with eyelash nourishing technology and grafting every eyelash one by one through meticulous techniques can
the eyelashes present a pretty and neat look with a long-lasting effect.

Sanitary Standards of GLAMOROUS





  • All the beauty therapists and other staff are qualified with beautician license.
  • Use ultraviolet disinfection equipment to sterilize all the apparatus.
  • Before the operation, use bacteria remover to sterilize fingers, fingertips, and every gap between fingers.
  • Before the operation, the therapists will wash hands and rinse their mouths to prevent colds and the flu.
  • The therapists must wear masks.
  • Install air purifier and ensure good ventilation.
  • Use disposable bed sheet on the operating table and change the sheet before each operation.
  • Clean regularly to create a healthful and comfortable environment for customers.
  • Use aromatherapy essential oils to create a relaxing ambient.

High-quality Technology


A Long-lasting Effect

Improving eyelash durability by use of different grafting technologies for curled eyelashes and hairs that are hard to change. Selecting eyelash extensions suitable for your own eyelashes and presenting a long-lasting beauty.


A Tailored Design with Infinite Possibilities

On the basis of the double-fold eyelid differences of the left and right eyes, as well as the eye fat mass etc., more than 100 designs with matched spacing, length and curl will provide a suitable solution for every customer, helping to improve complexion and present a perfect look.


Considerate Consulting Service

We will explain to you every detail of our products to make you enjoy the products better. We will consider the differences between your left and right eyes as well as your complexion, and offer you our continuous assistance until finding the ideal eyelashes for you.


Optional Two Kinds of Glues

Using high-safety glue that has been verified by various experiments.
■Main ingredient:Cyanoacrylate (adhesive ingredient used by dentists) Provided with low irritation glue suitable for sensitive skin.


Carefully Selected Eyelash Extensions

Soft eyelash extensions are as gentle as feather, creating an excellent comfortable feeling. No burden to the original eyelashes and newly grown eyelashes.
■Material: Silky extension material
■Length: 6㎜~13㎜
■Thickness:0.1㎜ 0.15㎜ 0.2㎜
■Curl: A-curl, B-curl, C-curl


Grafting Every Eyelash One By One

It will not affect the fine hair and newly grown eyelashes. With a natural look, the eyelashes can be combed without bringing you any pricking feeling. You can feel relieved to use it even it is your first try.


Cooperating with Medical Institutions

To prevent allergies, we have cooperated with relevant medical institutions. “Reassurance and Honesty” is our primary service tenet.


Unique Lower Eyelash Technology

Have you ever experienced in other shops where the lower eyelash was not recommended because of its failure to maintain long-lasting effect? Such service is difficult to achieve even for professionals, so its durability varies in different shops. Come to our shop to experience our most popular service item — the authentic GLAMOROUS Lower Eyelash Technology.