I heard the lower eyelashes are easy to fall off. Is that true?

That’s not true. If 30 eyelashes are grafted, there will be 10-15 left after one month. But if with poor technology, it may be easy to fall off. Grafting requires high-end technology indeed. So we suggest not going to the beauty salons where grafting lower eyelashes is not recommended.

How long can the effect last for?

About one and a half months. Just as the normally grown eyelashes, some of which may fall off every day, the grafted eyelashes may also fall off. The old eyelashes shall be changed for new ones after about one and a half months.

Any suggestions to keep a long-lasting effect?

Wash your face after having a shower with bath foam. At that time, the makeup has been rinsed and you don’t have to rub your face. You’d better not touch the eyelashes.

About design

Is grafting suitable for the people with single-fold eyelids?

Yes. No matter whether your eyelids are single-fold or double-fold, we will provide you with the design tailored for you.

Is grafting suitable for the people with inverted eyelashes?

Generally no problem. But if the situation is so serious that the inverted eyelashes may hurt the eye, grafting may not be applicable. We also need to perm the eyelashes if grafting is ok.

Is perming necessary?

t’s not necessary unless the situation of your inverted eyelashes is serious. Just grafting is ok.

What if there are differences between the left eye and right eye?

We will consider making different designs for different eyes in order to create a balanced effect between the left eye and right eye.

How many designs do you have?

More than 100. Some are the designs combining thick and curly eyelashes. You have quite a lot of choices.

May I use eyeliner or eye shadow?

Yes. We suggest using the eyeliner or eye shadow that can be easily removed. We do not suggest using of eyeliner or eye shadow that is hard to remove such as gel eyeliner.

May I use eyelash curler?

The eyelash extension is curled itself, so there is no need to use eyelash curler. You may want to use it once the number of false eyelashes starts to decrease, but please come to our shop for refills instead. Use of eyelash curler is one of the reasons for fall-off of eyelash extensions.

Will the effect show a feeling of imbalance of curls? (Between the eyelash extensions and my own eyelashes)

When the number of eyelash extensions is less than your own eyelashes, it makes your own eyelashes look curlier but maybe not very neat. If you want to cover your own eyelashes, you need good eyelash extensions of more than 100.

Can I have eyelash extensions if my own eyelashes are too short?

You can have eyelash extensions so long as your own eyelashes are 1㎜~2㎜ long. We suggest grafting eyelashes with the length and thickness free of burden.

About maintenance problems

Sometimes when I roll my eyes, the false eyelashes will enter my eyes and that’s really hurt. What should I do?

Use a small scissors for eyebrow shaping to cut the false eyelashes.
Please be aware that the root parts are your own eyelashes.

There’s a single eyelash downward. What should I do?

That’s because some of your own eyelashes will fall off. But don’t worry. New ones will grow out after a few days. If you mind, you can just cut the tip of the false eyelashes.
Please be aware that the root parts are your own eyelashes.

What should I do if I feel pricking?

It may be caused by inappropriate material or thickness of eyelash. We recommend you to use thinner eyelashes or silky eyelash extensions.

How often should I have adjustment?

Our customers come to our shop for adjustment once a month on average, but some people who care about it particularly come for adjustment three weeks after grafting.

Would it be better if I use mascara or eyelash care products?

We suggest using those products. Compared with your own eyelashes, the grafted ones are not natural. Using those care products is just like applying hair care products after a hair dye. Besides the eyelash extensions, daily eye makeup and the use of eyelash curler will also burden the eyelashes. So eyelash care is very necessary. In addition, the reason why many gentlemen have long and thick eyelashes is that they don’t have any makeup on their eyelashes.

After 2-3 weeks, the eyelashes will scatter in different directions. That’s really annoying.

When the number of eyelash extensions is less than your own eyelashes, it makes your own eyelashes look curlier but maybe not very neat. If you want to cover your own eyelashes, you need good eyelash extensions of more than 100.

Why do the eyelash extensions get inverted?

Every time before your own eyelashes fall off, the hair root will come up, and that makes it hard to fix the eyelash extensions. But a few days later, new eyelashes will grow out and the eyelash extensions won’t be easy to fall off then.

About use

May I swim in the sea or a swimming pool after grafting?

It has little impact unless you swim every day. But since the salt seawater oxidizes things, we suggest making adjustment earlier if you go swimming often. ※ You don’t have to worry for swimming just once or twice. Wear swimming goggles in a swimming pool.

May I sleep on my stomach?

That may cause fall-off of the eyelash extensions. Please sleep on your side or back as much as possible.

About cleansing

The eye makeup is hard to remove. Do you have any suggestions for cleansing?

Please wash your face at the end of shower.
① Hair washing ②Body ③ Bath ④ Face washing
The makeup is easy to remove. Wipe off water with a towel before applying makeup remover. It may sound troublesome, but please have a try.

Is there any way to prevent the cotton pads or swabs from twisting with the eyelash extensions when removing makeup?

Do not use those things. Just use your hands to gently wash your face. The fibers of cotton pads or swabs are too thin to separate out once twisted.

What kind of makeup remover do you suggest?

We suggest oil-free makeup remover to you. Oily one will make the eyelash extensions easy to fall off.

Is any facial cleanser OK?

Yes, no problem. Please gently wash your face after foaming fully.

About operation

May I use mascara?

You may use the mascara exclusive for eyelash extensions or the mascara removable by warm water (film type mascara excluded).
Do not use water-proof film type mascara that can be removed by warm water. Please be aware that it will be hard to remove once applied.

Notes for coming to our shop

May I come with makeup?

A lthough you may also remove your makeup in our shop,this cannot cleanse the makeup comply,and even a little residual cosmetics will affect our follow-up work.So please fully remove your makeup at home before coming to our shop.

But I go to your shop directly after work, so I have to wear makeup.

If you just put on eyeliner or foundation it’ ll be OK.But please do not put on any makeup on your eyelashes,or use mascara or eye shadow.

Notes for coming to our shop

How long will it take for grafting?

If it is your first time, it will take 1.5 hours for upper eyelashes and 2 hours for upper and lower eyelashes (consulting time included). If you come for adjustment, it will take 1-1.5 hours.

Why do I often feel pricking during grafting?

Most people will keep their eyes slightly open while sleeping during operation. When the smell of gradually-drying adhesive gets into eyes, some people may feel pricking. But don’t worry. You’ll be fine after you get up and close your eyes tightly for a while.

May I have eyelashes grafted even if I have sensitive skin?

We have special adhesive dedicated for the people with sensitive skin, but it only lasts for 2-3 weeks and the effect is not so good. For caution’s sake, we suggest grafting of a small number of eyelashes first.

Is the glue safe to eyes?

Although the glue we use conforms to safety standards, allergies may occur occasionally if you are in poor health condition or with low immunity. We will stop grafting in case of any allergy. Besides, although the glue (adhesive) will not get into eyes, the people with sensitive eyes may feel pricking when the glue is volatilizing. ※ Never open your eyes during grafting.

It is an operation on eyes. I’m worrying about whether there is any sanitation problem.

We have strict regulations on sterilization and sanitation, and we will sterilize our hands and all the instruments before any operation.

May I have eyelashes grafted when I’m pregnant?

If you are in gestation period with big abdomen, (taking 7 months as a dividing line) it will be hard for you to lean back for 1-1.5 hours. Since your body constitution may change to allergic one during gestation, please try the grafting sets with a small number of eyelashes.

May I have eyelashes grafted when wearing contact lenses?

It will be OK if your are wearing soft contact lenses.But if hard ones,please be sure to take them out (Keeping your eyes closed for a long time while wearing hard contact lenses will make your eyes get blood shot.)

Is there any situation when the eyelash extensions cannot be grafted?

・When anomalies occur around or in your eyes (e.e.g.sty, conjunctiv it is, in juries caused by wearing contact lenses).
・The people who have got laser surgery on eyes in recent six months (following the doctor’s advice).
The people who have got plastic surgery on eyes such as buried sutures in recent one week (grafting cannot be done if the eyes are still swollen several days later).
・The people who will have wedding ceremony with in one week (※ at the first time of coming to our shop).