This policy is established for protecting the customers’ personal information acquired by GLAMOROUS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”), the operator of this website, from the customers when they accept services on this website.

Personal information collection

When providing services, this website will obtain the following information from relevant customers. Sometimes, however, any of the following information, depending on its specific content, may not belong to personal information.

  • The information provided by customers during consulting

The information from the customers when they are visiting this website

  • IP address, type of mobile phone etc. used in internet connection
  • The type and version of OS and internet browser in use
  • Customer’s URL of visited websites, domain name of visiting this website etc., the information acquired through visiting analysis tools.

Other information provided by customers when attending lectures

Purpose of use

Dealing with and answering customers’ consulting, identity confirmation for attendees of lectures

Personal information management

Our company will deal with the personal information we have obtained in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
All the personal information acquired on this website is only used for providing services to customers on this website.
Such information will not be shared with other website or any third party.

Disclosure, correction and deletion of information

In case of any request for disclosing, correcting or deleting the customers’ personal information provided to this website, we will handle it after confirming the consulting person is the customer himself/herself.

Contact window

For any consultation related to the personal information on this website, please contact us in the following ways.


  • TEL:2755 1888